Lydia Lombardi Good, LCSW, BCD

I am a Board Certified therapist who specializes in supporting people through grief, trauma, and partner loss. I firmly believe that we are tremendously resilient and can achieve overall healing from any of life’s disappointments and challenges by learning key strategies for wellness. These include, getting to know yourself better, building self- love, and connecting to a supportive community. As a social worker, I work with you to explore all aspects of your life to better understand the source of your concerns and feelings while helping you to improve your overall happiness.

I will teach you how the mind works and practical tools for healing grief, trauma and other major life transitions. With compassion and understanding, you will learn healthy ways of thinking and new ways to engage in relationships with others.

Having lived through tremendous loss in my own life, I use my own experience as a reminder of why I know this work is effective and meaningful. I am here as a resource to teach you ways to cope and heal after experiencing life’s challenges.