David Antonetti, MS, LMFT

I work with a variety of clients who all have one thing in common; the need to make sense of and overcome longstanding or deeply entrenched relationship or personal challenges. People like you, who grow tired of asking “When does life get better, and when do things change?” My answer may surprise you…it doesn’t, and they don’t. But that’s our reason for hope; we don’t have to rely on fuzzy concepts like “life” and “things”, when we can engage in a powerful therapeutic process of authentic connection, restoration of hope, psychoeducation, evidence-based treatments, and helping you balance radical acceptance with skillful change.

In doing so, you will be the one to change, and you’ll make life what you want it to be! Whether your relationships need major or minor adjustments, or you’re personally struggling with a variety of problems, let’s talk about a warm, custom-tailored, and restorative treatment plan that addresses the heart of what prevents you from living your fullest life.

Please take a moment to review my Psychology Today profile and personal practice website. I look forward to answering your questions and building something new together!